Pink Iguanas and Broken Promises is the true story of a physician’s effort to save his mother from end stage liver disease by the donation of part of his liver. Although the story is entirely true, the book reads as a novel, with elaborate character development and numerous intertwined messages. This gift of a liver, as with many valuable gifts, comes with enormous costs. Read more

About Mark Stefanelli, MD

The author is an Internal Medicine Physician who practices in rural Emergency Rooms in the coastal area of the Northwest. After growing up and training in the NYC region he moved his wife and 2 children to the West Coast, looking to escape his roots. Here he was quite content raising his family and enjoying the outdoors until he was called back East to donate part of his liver to save his dying mother.
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Excerpt from the Book

“Irv, Irv calm down. Now how much Ativan do you have left? A two-week supply? So what’s the problem? Irv, Irv listen to me. Irv! I’ll call the pharmacy and renew your Ativan. Yes, I’ll do it as soon as I hang up the phone. Irv, I can only renew anti-anxiety medica­tions for 4 weeks at a time. No, you can’t pick them up for an entire month; you have to get them one week at a time. No, Irv, you know how you went through a 4 week supply in 3 days when I gave you that many at once.” Read more

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